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UI 44 Average - an Average of the Indian Market Sentiment

UNIDOW Industrial 44 Average is an indicator of India's industrial performance. Access to historical data of UI 44 Average and learn:

  • Its previous year performances with daily close figure from 1st Jan 2018 to till the validity of your subscription.
  • Industry-wise weightage in the index with monthly change from inception.
  • Sectoral Performance Report publishes quarterly in Mar, Jun, Sep and Dec with UI 44 Average as a benchmark.
  • Key analytical ratios showing the market sentiment.
  • Insightful information for Financial Analysts, Asset Management Companies and Portfolio Managers.

Learn India's Equity Market Performance on Real-time Basis

Real-time access to important equity market performance indicators of UI 44 Average. You will get the following:

  • Real-time data feed of UNIDOW Industrial 44 Average for Media, Commercial and Non-Commercial uses.
  • Fundamental ratio of the equity index - UI 44 Average.
  • Sectoral (GICS) performance and analysis.
  • Change in Industrial weightage over several periods with selection filters for analysis.
  • Key fundamental details of the constituent companies.


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